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The TrendVario 4300 can be used to park three cars on top of each other; the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. A pit is required. The parking space selected is moved to the desired position by means of an automatic control system. An empty space allows independent parking. The access level is secured by doors which can only be opened once the shifting process is completed. Therefore, cars are protected against theft and vandalism. The system offers space from 5 to 29 cars..


  • For 5 to 29 vehicles plus 1 vacant space, variable arrangement of 2 to 10 grids next to each other
    (3 vehicles over each other)
  • Total height of standard type: 375 cm or 405 cm
  • Pit depth of standard type: 200 cm
  • Vehicle measurement: Heights from 150 to 205 cm, lengths: from 500 to 520 cm
  • Usable platform width - standard type: 230 cm, optionally up to max. 270 cm
  • Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space, optional max. 2.600 kg. For single parking spaces
    even retroactively upweighting
  • Horizontal access for all parking levels
  • User-friendly, high parking comfort
  • Platform surface: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
  • independent parking
  • Operation: dialog display


Residential and commercial buildings, semi-detached houses, office buildings, underground parking lot, hotels, car dealing business, car rentals, storage of classic cars, long-time parking.


Trendvario 4100-175
Trendvario 4200-200
Trendvario 4100-230
Trendvario 4300-200
Trendvario 4300-200
Trendvario 4300-230

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